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Fenders are an essential part of any truck, protecting your truck tires from any possible friction against other moving parts of the body while driving. In addition to maintaining the structural integrity of your truck, the right fender can add a considerable amount of beauty and value to your truck.

With an outstanding reputation of quality, durability and style, they will enhance your trucks appearance and lifespan. We distribute and carry in stock a wide variety of styles to choose from. We carry single axle, tandem axle, half fender, Lift Axle, Tanker, quarter fenders and more. Standard colors include black, galvanized, red and white.

We carry the Lifetime quarter fenders in standard and low tube mounts, single axle, half tandem, full tandem and tri-axle. Industry standards such as smooth radiused, 4-Rib tandem fenders, coupled with industry exclusive 2Smooth and corrugated designs, include rubber vibration isolators which is guaranteed to last for the life of your truck.


Minimizer Fenders:
Minimizer Fenders

Lifetime Fenders:
Lifetime Fenders

We carry many types of Fenders that you may need.

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