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L.I. Truck Parts carries Factory Authorized Dana SPL U-Joint Repair

We can repair or build your driveshaft from scratch. Driveshaft sizes range from the “1000” PTO series to “1810” truck shafts. Custom lengths are available (within factory specs). All shafts are tested & balanced after each assembly.

Our driveshafts are built for reliability and cost efficiency, all with the intent of keeping your business running strong. From breakthrough, patented technologies to industry-leading innovations, our driveshaft products increase durability, reliability, and efficiency.

L.I. Truck Parts carries a full selection of the most durable and efficient driveshaft products in the industry. We offer a complete line of light-duty, medium-duty, heavy-duty, and specialty driveshaft products for every commercial-vehicle application. As the world leader in driveshaft technology, our innovative, industry-leading products provide the most efficient, reliable, and durable performance on the road.

These patented and innovative designs work tirelessly in the harshest environments, giving you more power, flexibility, and better performance overall. As a distributor one of the world’s most trusted driveshaft manufacturers, our best-in-class solutions provide optimum fuel efficiency, decreased total cost of ownership, and improved safety and sustainability for a growing global market.

Armed with cutting-edge information and superior under-the-vehicle knowledge, your Dana Team is focused on keeping your business running strong and efficiently, which in turn helps customers to increase profits . From supplying the latest information and technical support tools to servicing your driveshafts quickly and cost efficiently, you’ll be happy we’re on your side.

We also festure the Diamond Series Driveshaft, which is now up to 100 lbs lighter than before. In addition, our products offer 70 percent more torque and power density than their nearest competitor and a 40 percent increase in bearing life. This is a true testament to how our driveshafts continue to stay of the cutting edge of how we carry the strongest, lightest and most durable driveshafts on the market.


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