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Our batteries & chargers are built to keep your truck on the road in all types of weather conditions.

Deka’s Intimidator batteries offer dual purpose capabilities for crisp engine starting and long deep discharge typical of Marine and RV applications, while the power sports range are designed specifically for high performance starting applications in smaller recreational vehicles including motorcyles, quad bikes, jet skis and snowmobiles. Deka Solar power products are purpose built for domestic, commercial and industrial deep cycle power storage applications.

Schumaker designs and produces a wide range of custom chargers for the electronics industry.

Associated Equipment is privately-held and family-owned with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. For over 60 years, Associated has continued to provide the most versatile, reliable, innovative, and professional battery chargers, testers, booster cables and accessories. Associated Equipment products continue to be selected as OEM recommended equipment for major automotive manufacturers, fleet and heavy duty equipment providers.


deka-logo Deka Products www.dekabatteries.com

schumacherSchumacher Electric  www.batterychargers.com

associated Associated Equipment www.associatedequip.com

We have all the Batteries & Chargers for your vehicle.

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