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Wilson Starters meet or exceed OE standards because they’re remanufactured with In-Process inspections / tests throughout the production. starters are designed for customers who demand our proven reliability and performance. Wilson starters are manufactured using 100% new premium parts and are tested to meet or exceed OE standards. These units feature premium heavy duty components made for the application.

Prestolite alternators have impressive power-outputs, they are also highly efficient, which means improved economy and lower emissions for the end users. These are results of technical innovations to families of alternators designed for modern applications. Prestolite’s latest line of compact alternators with internal fans and our classic alternator designs with external fans are testimony to our commitment to customer demands.

From off highway heavy equipment to long haul trucks to school bus and transit applications, Delco Remy starters are designed to crank in even the toughest applications. Remy starters are protected from thermal damage, automatically resetting at a safe operating temperature while eliminating the need for a wiring harness.

Delco Remy alternator technology is second to none. The enhanced efficiency ratings of our high output alternators provide fleets measurable fuel savings. These high output alternators feature a durable brushless design. Brushless alternators have fewer moving parts which results in less wear. What you end up with is long life and the warranty to back it.






wilsonWilson Auto Electric www.wilsonautoelectric.com

prestolite Prestolite Electric www.prestolite.com/Corporate

remy Remy Starters & Alternators www.delcoremy.com

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