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We are a master distributor for Muncie Power. This line includes Power Take-off units, hydraulics pumps (both shaft driven & belt driven) and Hydraulic oil tanks. The numerous applications for hydraulics fit both standard and automatic transmissions. These items are used in Dump truck applications, Refuse applications & Rollback units among others. The Hydraulics tanks range from 15 gallons to 75 gallons depending on your application. We also stock some of the electric/Hydraulic pump units for smaller applications.

Our hydraulics and return line filters provide an effective and economical means of protecting and prolonging the life of any hydraulic system. Our Muncie return line filters are available in 25, 50 and 100 GPM sizes, with optional element condition indicator gauge. The 50 GPM size is an industry standard and is interchangeable with many other popular brands, providing opportunities for replacement element sales. High pressure filters are available in 37, 45 and 55 GPM sizes and are rated to 10 micron (nominal or absolute) up to 3000 PSI. High pressure filtration is often required to meet the demands of high horsepower, continuous duty applications.

Hydraulic oil reservoirs are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to suit a wide range of applications from small dump trucks, to central hydraulic systems, to the largest dump trailers. Muncie offers reservoirs from 15 to 75 gallons in capacity, constructed of polyethylene, aluminum, and steel.

We have all types of Hoses for your Hydraulics needs.

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