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One of the most important items you will deal with when running a “PM” schedule is the right lighting. Good lights are a necessity for any truck. We proudly distribute some of the most popular lighting lines and lights.

Our Grote lighting products are used as original equipment on all types of semi-tractors and trailers, buses, industrial vehicles, and RVs.  Grote products are used as original equipment on semi-tractors and trailers, passenger cars, buses, industrial vehicles, recreational vehicles and agricultural machinery.

Our VSM Turn Signals VSM’s turn signal switches are built for almost any make of vehicle. They are amongst the most reliable products of their kind which in the long run can be truly cost effective.

Our Maxxima LED Headlamps provide amongst the brightest levels of illumination on the road that money can buy.  They will keep a driver’s view of the road clear not only at night, but also under extreme weather conditions.  They are extremely rugged and durable.

Another one of our suppliers, Truck-Lite Co. has grown significantly over the years, constantly improving products, and continuing to find better ways to produce safety lighting. Truck-Lite has created the first shock-mount- protected lamps in the industry.  Today, Truck-Lite offers various types of interior and exterior LED lighting, turn signal lamps and modular lighting.  Our Truck-Lite lighting products will bring you years of service and reliability without worry.

From LED exit signs to Self-Luminous Tritium Emergency Exit Signs, E.L.S.C lines offer the highest quality emergency lighting systems for use in commercial, industrial, government and residential buildings. E.L.S.C products are both reliable and easy to install, and all are available in incandescent, halogen, dual head and exit sign combination models.

North American Signal Company is an American manufacturer of automotive, truck, and industrial warning lights and sirens.  Our North American Signal Company products are well-known throughout the industry for reliability and service.

Our additional lighting vendors include Federal Signal Products, Star Lighting products and Phillips Electrical Accessories and Wire.

At L.I. Truck parts, we are a proud distributor of every type of lighting fixtures and lighting accessories that your trucks will ever need.











We have the right type of Lighting, no matter what the job.

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