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Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to this chore, we’ve got you covered.  We carry a wide variety of products including motor oils, filters and additives, and much more.



Baldwin Filters: www.baldwinfilters.com  Baldwin Filters

Donaldson filters: www.donaldson-filters.com  Donaldson Filters


Belts & Hoses

Gates:  www.gates.com  Gates

Grand Rock Exhaust Products:  www.grpipes.com   Grand Rock 


Motor Oil

All Motor Oil products are available in 1 gallon, 5 gallon & 55 gallon containers.

Valvoline Motor Oil: www.valvoline.com  Valvoline

Shell Motor Oil: www.rotella.com  Shell Rotella

Lucas Oil: www.lucasoil.com  Lucas Oil

Cleaning Products

Our cleaning chemicals consist of ZEP products, WAB products & Spray Nine. These are also available in 1 & 5 gallon containers.


Chemical Additives

Chemical Additives are important in the heavy duty industry. We offer a wide selection of the following:

FPPF additives www.fppf.com  FPPF

Penray products: www.penray.com   Penray

Loctite products: www.loctite.com  Loctite

Gunk products: www.gunk.com  Gunk



One of the most important items when working or driving at night or with limited visibility is lighting. We distribute some of the most popular and trusted lighting lines.

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