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Hydraulic Hoses

The special equipment that we use for this vendor allows us to duplicate almost all steel/rubber combination lines. Again this is done as per your sample or specifications.

The high pressure Gates hydraulic hoses are available in all locations. The special “Tubes & Hoses” is only available in our Medford store.

Gates Hydraulic Hoses

Gates industrial hose products are engineered for high performance and cost savings. Teamed with a new naming system that is descriptive and intuitive, Gates line of industrial hoses are truly Efficient and can witstand years of extreme temperatures and conditions. We offer low & high pressure Hydraulic hoses up to 1 ¼” diameter. This includes low pressure “1 wire hydraulic hoses” to the higher pressure “4 wire hydraulic hoses”. These are all custom made as per your sample or specifications.

When you couple these custom hoses with Muncie Power and our full line of oil products we are able to offer all of the items for a new “Wet line system”.

Gates Hydraulic Hoses


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